The coverring

Quick and easy, just in a second, the CoverRing could be manually set at the end of production chain, giving the final touch.

It will be a pleasure to get the ring of muzzle and rotate it, simplifying the opening system and turning it into an event infinitely glamorous.

The COVERRING live not finish when the bottle has been opened, it becomes a luxury piece and it can be worn as a jewel.


CoverRing like a jewel.
Made in precious materials and fine stones, each piece is unique.

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The Corporate line is the perfect pairing, the CoverRing and the bottle cap together.
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Statement of intent at first sight.
The CoverRing can have variety shapes, plated in light metals or with antique effect, only one brand and the possibilities are endless.

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The ART line allows working with special and delicate materials, it is handmade. This make each piece unique and different.
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Fire and metal is melted to form an Exclusive finish.
Fire tattooed, the Coverring is marked subtly and elegantly.

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Recent Works

View CoverRing in action
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