Coverring wins the IPA Awards 2014 for most innovative packaging.

An innovation in the world of cava and champagne bottles has won awards IPA Awards 2014. It represents a revolution in this exclusive worldwide allowing total customization.

The organization of IPA AWARDS 2014 awarded with the “IPA Silver” in the category “DRINKS-IPA Awards for best packaging innovation arising in use”
the Catalan company BELLOT TECHNICS BM, SL for their product CoverRing.logo ipa awards

IPA Awards 2014 were presented on 5 November at the Packaging Innovations 2014 Madrid and the award was collected by Marta Bellot as Director of the company.

CoverRing is a cover trim ring for the muzzle of champagne, sparkling wine or cava which allows total customization with designs that customers want.

CoverRing can be made of metal or materials such as gold or silver, with the possibility of embedding gemstones if the design requires it and with the aim of providing an image of luxury and exclusivity maximum

In addition to allowing a nice opening, placement is simple and fast, making the process of decorating and assembling a task little importance. A well studied, simple and patented anchoring makes coverring can not easily detach the ring.

This piece of metal is not rejected after opening the bottle because it can become a jewel and can be worn as such, or saved as a collector’s item.

According to Marta Bellot, CEO coverring “The coverring softens and gives a feeling of opening a bottle of champagne. It gives a touch of class when savoring an exclusive champagne during an evening to remember forever because the coverring can shine like a jewel.”

“Luxury champagne and cava now has, thanks to the innovation of coverring, a piece that allows you to differentiate, providing distinction, beauty and exclusivity.”